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I’ve come to realize and accept that it’s not your past that defines you or determines how your life will play out. Believe it or not, you CHOOSE the life you want to live. I’m done living in the past. I’m moving forward, living the life I want to live and making my dreams come true. Are you living the life you want to live? If not, I want to help you do just that!

As long as I can remember, I always dreamed of having the freedom to run my own business, help others achieve their goals, travel, be a working stay home mom, etc., but I wondered if any of it would ever be possible. Then one day a light went off and I realized I control my own destiny. I started living and one by one my dreams are coming true.

My life has changed so drastically in two years time and I feel as though I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t share my story to paint a clear picture of what I mean. My road to get where I am today was a bumpy one, however I wouldn’t have the knowledge, strength, patience, compassion, and positive mindset I have now, if I didn’t go through it all.

Let’s rewind back to when I was 6 years old. I was growing up in a great neighborhood surrounded by amazing friends and good people. I was a very happy child who loved her family very much. Then out of the blue, my parents told us they were getting divorced. I took the news harder that I ever realized at the time. Growing up with joint custody, my parents switched off having us every other day, every other weekend, and every other holiday. As you can imagine, this was not easy. Of course I was happy I got to spend time with both of my parents, but I lived out of a suitcase and for a long time wondered if my life would turn out this same way.

I continued to grow up, made lots of bad decisions and had consequences because of them. I’ll never forget one day my father said to me “you just need to learn the hard way don’t you?”. I remember thinking to myself, is he right? At this point, I’m 18 years old and have my entire life in front of me, which scared the crap out of me. Not knowing where to begin, I continued to make bad decisions that would have much larger effects on my life than I realized. I started drinking at a young age, I surrounded myself with people who didn’t’ truly care about me, I developed an eating disorder because I was so caught up with being supermodel thin and couldn’t find a balance, I dated men who brought me down and didn’t treat me right, I skipped class in college, I racked up a few credit cards and got in serious debt, etc. The list could go on and on…

It wasn’t until 28 years old that I realized all of the semi-small bad decisions I was making were adding up to several bigger life roadblocks that I was creating for myself all because of the bad choices I had made overtime. I was caught in the mundane of everyday life and in a constant battle with myself because I knew there had to be something more to life than floating in a sea of mediocrity. So I made a choice to start making better choices. I put myself out there and met an amazing man on Match.com. I landed a great job at an advertising firm. I traveled around Europe. Life was looking up, but even with these very positive changes, I still wasn’t living out my dreams and on the journey that I had always hoped for. I was finally making steps to overcome my quarter life crisis and I could see the life I had always wanted, yet I still couldn’t seem to figure out exactly what I had to do to get myself to the point where all of my wildest dreams could become reality.

Fast-forward, I’m in my 30’s and thriving! My problem the entire time was a lack of genuine fulfillment. Good was no longer good enough, I wanted GREAT! I was letting life happen to me, instead of making it happen. Then it all clicked and my life started coming together. In less than one year’s time, my relationship was better than ever, I let go of the friendships that were dragging me down, worked hard to get back in shape and lost 15 pounds and 18 inches, took a leap of faith in myself and started a lucrative career as a Beachbody Coach that thrives on helping others. Overall, I found an inner peace that I never thought was possible and started to bring my dreams to life. Now I’m happy. I mean, truly happy.

So what happened? What was the SHIFT that got me to a place where I love my life, my career, all the people around me and myself? I made another choice, but this time it was one that would not only change my life, but allows me to change the lives of so many others. I CHOOSE TO SHINE! “WHY” you ask? Because I want to help others. I want to be a stay home mom someday. I want to be able to travel whenever I want. I want to be in control of my success. I want to be financially stable. I want to be able to provide for my family. I want to feel accomplished and feel like I’ve made a difference in the world.

What are you going to do? Are you going to CHOOSE TO SHINE with me?

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